Program Management School Counselors Help Reach The Needs Of The School

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Through program management school counselors incorporate organizational tools to help reach the needs of the school (ASCA). According to ASCA National Model counselors are recommended to use 80 percent of their time directly and indirectly providing services to students (ASCA). The counselors at Wilson High School have gone through 3 different principals within a 10-year time frame. With each principal, there have come different obstacles and challenges, which have sometimes favored the role a school counselor and some that, have worked against the expectations and roles of a counselor. During the interview with Michele Mabrie concerns for this school year has put time spent directly working with students on high alert. Michele Mabrie discussed the disconnect between principals and counselors which she finds taking time away from her students to advocate for the role and responsibilities of a school counselor. Within this school year there has been less time directly working with students and more time assisting other staff members with testing and implementing different assessments. This is not reflecting the program mission because counselors are loosing time with direct student services. Counselors meet once a week during PL time, to discuss how to address the needs of the students. It gives them a time to further reflect the roles and expectations of the counselors.
With managing curriculum lesson plans, there are no clear-cut templates used, although Wilson does…

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