Professionalism Is The Foundation For A Successful Nursing Career

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Professionalism is the foundation for a successful nursing career and an effective health care system. Professionalism is needed when dealing with life on life 's terms, which means as it comes, you can’t plan everything. It helps to get through ethical dilemma’s and tough situations. Professionalism is not just a state of mind, it is a state of being that takes time and effort to perfect. It takes many years of trial and error to perfect professionalism, and even then there is still room for growth and improvement. Being able to present yourself as a nursing professional can make all the difference in the way that prospective employers view job candidates. It decides if an individual will be seen as a positive asset to a health care team. You can also be viewed as possibly having a negative impact on the work environment. As a nurse or healthcare worker, professionalism is one of the characteristics that must be at the center of our focus at all times. It must be present in every interaction with our colleagues and patients. Professionalism is important because it makes a difference in the way we express our compassion, empathy, and understanding. In this essay we will address how professionalism effects the healthcare environment as well as the way an individual approaches problem in their own life. According to (Brennan, Monson ) "The profession is expected to respond by placing the needs of the patient and society ahead of all other considerations". There are many…

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