Professional Development : The Educational Field Essay

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Professional Development is fundamental in the educational field. Mizell (2010) states: “professional development refers to many types of educational experiences related to an individual’s work.” (p. 3). This training is an integral part of any organization as it teaches members the skills needed to participate while increasing success. Coutinho & Teles (2011) have indicated that the key to motivating students while increasing their participation is to establish an exceptional professional development program. Teachers gain knowledge and increase their pedagogical practices by participating in collaborative communities that support their professional development (Barth, 2001). Chen and Mitchell (2015) further support the concept that a professional learning community is one that helps to nurture teachers in developing their competency level in all areas.
During professional development workshops, teachers participate in professional learning. Mizell (2010) suggested that best practices in classrooms are obtained through cooperative learning as teachers get opportunities to interact and share their ideas. Since the enactment of the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) in 1975, collaboration in schools has become more prevalent as it helps to address issues relating to diversification within classroom settings (Hamilton, & Vail, 2014) and thus optimizing the services provided to all students. Gajda and Koliba (2008) also think that collaboration is useful because it can…

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