Professional Development Session On How Educators Best Support Children 's Wellness And Wellbeing

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I would love to welcome everyone to our professional development session on how educators best support children 's wellness and wellbeing.

Before we go through this we need to all have an understanding of what is wellness and wellbeing. So what is wellness? With the person next to you joint down some words that relate to what you believe wellness and wellbeing means.

Wellness is a balanced whole body. Having a holistically balanced state of emotional, social, physical, spiritual, environmental, occupational and intellectual wellbeing. Having a holistically balanced whole body leads to a healthy mind, body and soul.

There are seven dimensions of wellness, as stated on the slide. These dimensions all inter-relate together contributing to your level of wellness. To attain wellness it is important to have these 7 dimensions balanced (Robbins, p. 8). Attaining wellness requires you to endeavor growth in each dimension. Throughout different stages of your life, certain dimensions may need more focus than others. There is a difference between neglecting dimensions and placing more significance of certain dimensions at different stages of your life. Endeavoring for balance in all dimensions creates a holistically balanced whole body. (Robbins, p. 11) Maintaining a balanced state in the 7 dimensions and attaining wellness is best achieved when the environment around you is supportive.

Now let 's look further into supporting children 's wellness. How can we support the…

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