Professional Development In Education

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Professional Development is fundamental in the educational field. Mizell (2010) states: “professional development refers to many types of educational experiences related to an individual’s work.” (p. 3). This training is an integral part of any organization as it teaches members the skills needed to participate while increasing success. Coutinho & Teles (2011) have indicated that the key to motivating students while increasing their participation is to establish an exceptional professional development program. Teachers gain knowledge and increase their pedagogical practices by participating in collaborative communities that support their professional development (Barth, 2001). Chen and Mitchell (2015) further support the concept that a professional …show more content…
Furthermore, in an innovative environment with diverse abilities, teachers can design and create strategies to achieve success (Cherowski & Kelly, 2015). Through meaningful discussion, teachers can change or build on the positives in student learning plans. Professional development also provides teachers with many opportunities for them to collaborate while co-teaching with peer teachers to achieve objectives (Feng & Witcher, 2010). Furthermore, it creates an inclusive setting that promotes the development of interpersonal relationships where all individual feels like a member of a larger team. Besides, it provides teachers with many opportunities to grow in the profession while helping students to achieve academic success. Donnison, Edwards, Itter, Martin, and Yager (2009) states “undoubtedly our collaboration resulted in improved practice. Units that had once worked to a fair degree in isolation became attuned to the collective process of course and curriculum development.” (p. 25). They further suggested that through exchanging ideas with individuals who has a common goal and interest, teachers become more equipped to take on the different dynamics associated with teaching and learning. Eventually, they will become experts in the field, thus changing the standards of teaching and learning in an institution. A supportive community that focuses on individual educators and group accomplishments which are critical aspects in the ranking of schools can lead to greater success. Kelly & Cherkowski (2015) states: “establishing a culture of professional learning among teachers is of increasing importance at all levels of the school system.” (p. 24) Besides, collaboration is essential in the learning process as educators are equipped to address the many difficulties that may arise during their professional teaching career.

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