Profession Of Social Work : Magnolia Regional Medical Center Values

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Profession of Social Work
Magnolia Regional Medical Center values is to be a leader in the community by providing the highest quality healthcare services, preventive and health maintain education, and an environment that empowers and enables a higher level of performances for our employees. The values of the hospital helped shaped the hospital overtime, such as changes to the hospital, such as financial assistance, remodeling, and technology.
The Medical Assistance Program provides financial assistance to those in need. When people are admitted to the emergency room the hospital provides assistance without insurance to low-income families or anyone in need. Providing health care without insurance places a burden on the hospital because if the person becomes admitted from the emergency room to inpatient they cannot receive funds from insurance companies. The hospital pays for treatment, surgery, or whatever the person may need. For example, if a person enters the emergency from a stroke to having surgery and are uninsured the hospital pay for the fees.
In 2009, Magnolia City Hospital was renamed and rebuild. The accomplishments of their goals, Magnolia Regional Medical Center (MRMC) a new building and new technology improved their benefits to the community.
The hospital submitted a grant to advance their technology within the hospital and wanted to enhance the access to physician clients and enhance the quality of patient care. Patient care will not have to stop when…

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