Nursing Transition Theory

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Transition of care
Edna Joseph
Grand Canyon University
NURS -502

Brief description of the problem and the middle range theory that could be applied
Working in a private physician group, transition of care is one of the several issues that this practice is facing currently. Transition can be defined as the transfer of a patient from the hospital to home. When patients are discharged from the hospital after being treated for a chronic illness, ineffective transition can be a challenge. In addition effective teaching can assist with transition of care .We have created several programs to assist our patients with effective transition of care. I choose to use the theory of transition by Afaf Ibrahim Meleis
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Her theory main focus is to explain the interactions between nurses and patients, stating that nurses are more concerned with the experiences of patients as they undergo transitions (McEwen & Wills , p 237 , 2014 ). For example, one can use the transition theory for a newly diabetic patient who is discharge from the hospital to home who lives alone. The patient has no family support to assist with daily insulin injection. The nurse would address any barriers that the patient can face at home and assess readiness from the patient before discharge. If the nurse needs further assistance, she can get the social worker involved in getting the patient connected with the right resources that would assist him with a smooth transition from the hospital to the home. The social worker or care coordinator would contact the insurance company to obtain authorization for the services that patient would need once discharge. The patient will be visited at home by a nurse that would teach him about insulin self-injection. This example can be look like an effective transition from the hospital to home. In addition, the transition theory helps nurses to understand that effective transition is critical to the patient‘s safety to avoid lapse or gap in care. Nurses are the primary caregivers of clients and their families who are undergoing transition. They attend to the changes and demands …show more content…
Piaget was a genetic epistemology who had a lot of focus on how organism adapt to the environment. He studied the cognitive development of children. Through his theory, Piaget uses two main aspects: the process of coming to know and the stages we move through as we acquire this ability ( Huitt & Hammel , 2003) . Piaget thought that in order for an individual to adapt to its environment both process have to be used.
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