Procrastination In Education

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“This Woman Suffers From Six Hours Of Orgasms A Day.” Imagine reading this article title while in a lecture or whatever class. You’re trying to pay attention and write down notes, then all of a sudden you see that headline along with detailed pictures. It happened to me during my Molecular and Cellular Biology 150 lecture and I was completely caught off guard; my focus on the lecture completely halted and transferred to the article I saw on the screen in front of me. I actually began reading along and when I noticed what was happening, I snapped out of it and focused on the task at hand: paying attention to the lecture. Just this one student was able to get me distracted because of them being distracted themselves. That moment had me thinking, …show more content…
Sometimes it happens here and there, but these days it seems so much more common especially with the presence of portable electronic devices. “Gender differences in the effects of Internet usage on high school absenteeism” states, “Time spent on such Internet activities might also lead to online behavior that has little or nothing to do with education – online gaming, chatting, and Internet “surfing,” to name just a few” (Austin and Totaro, 2010). This seems to be a majority of students’ problem: using the time that should be spent on doing assignments and studying, but instead is put forth being online doing something else. Ravizza, Hambrick, and Fenn state, “Portable device use has become increasingly common in the classroom with 62% of students reporting the use of electronic media for non-academic purposes while in class, studying, or doing homework (Jacobsen & Forste, 2011)” (Ravizza, et al., 2014). Laptops, tablets, phones, etc. are not being used for their sole purposes in the classroom setting: a medium of taking notes and recording class information. The fact that 62% of students admit to misusing their devices is alarming, but expected. I noticed in a few of my lectures a few students in the act of not doing lecture and class work, but actually surfing the web and on social media; the picture last on the right is my roommate who seemed to be doing her chemistry homework was actually on her phone on a picture sharing social media website. This type of dependency is a means of procrastination because you are not using your time effectively as you should be; the internet and its such devices serve as distractions from being productive. You become so comfortable and in the habit of putting off homework, studying, etc. until later due to you being busy with recreational online use that getting answers online or some type of internet source becomes natural to do; there is no effort

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