Problem Analysis : Administrative Team Essay

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Problem Analysis - Administrative Team
As an executive assistant (EA) for a very large, global technology company, one of the most significant issues the group faces is an inconsistency in job duty execution. EAs have standard job duties as well as job duties that are unique to the department in which they are assigned. As EAs, we all share the same job title, yet we are individual contributors rather than part of a team or function. Because EAs are ranked and rated against one another, those who have the most knowledge are reluctant to share information with others in order to preserve and protect their high-ranking status. This creates an environment of competition rather than camaraderie, which can inhibit an EA 's ability to reach company goals in an efficient and effective manner. According to Rivera, "to achieve competitive advantage, human capital must perform in a desired manner" (2013, para. 12). One way to help improve consistency in job execution, encourage knowledge sharing and teamwork, is to conduct a job analysis to identify and align job duty execution, institute monthly team meetings that promote bonding, knowledge sharing, and training, and then offer an achievement award once the team is able to demonstrate task competency and consistency through testing.
Job Analysis and Task Consistency
As a first step, the improvement plan should be communicated to the EA group to identify the steps that will take place, the EAs individual responsibilities, and the…

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