Essay Pro Life And Pro Choice

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Could you imagine a lifetime worth of burden? Studies show that abortion brings many feelings of guilt, regret, and ultimately a lifetime worth of burdens to the mother. The thought and action of aborting an unborn baby has been continually thought over for many years. There are many sides of determining whether abortion is correct but usually the two sides can be split into pro-life and pro-choice. Pro life being individuals who are against abortion because once conceived, the baby is alive. Pro-choice supporters tend to be in support of the mothers and having that it’s her body, it’s her life, and ultimately her choice to terminate. It is necessary to know what abortion is and how it works. The term abortion has many definitions but simply stated an abortion stops a pregnancy, for the conclusion of terminating the unborn child. It is not just a pain free light touching the fetus and killing it peacefully. The abortion process is very brutal and horrifying for the baby, as well as the mother. Therefore, the killing of an unborn fetus is morally wrong as well. Abortions, this unethical practice of terminating unborn fetuses should be prohibited because of the many detrimental harms that come to the mother, the reasons for termination, and lastly the moral and religious implications when terminating a baby. In 1973, the Supreme court case, Roe vs. Wade ruled for abortions to be legal, mainly because many american women wanted control over their own reproductive systems and…

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