Pro Choice And Pro Life Essays

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Abortion In the past couple of years abortion has been a big topic in the news due to controversies over whether or not abortion should be legal, which was seen in American voting polls. With the difference in opinions whether it be do to religion or own personal opinion, this topic grew very big. There are two main sides to the argument, Pro-Choice and Pro-Life. This topic can be very controversial. Pro-Choice is the correct side of the abortion topic. Drugs and Alcohol, Teen Pregnancy, and Rape/incest all are factors into why Pro-choice is the correct side.
Drugs and Alcohol play a big part in pregnancy and abortion. Some pregnancies may occur while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. These people may not be ready to have a baby and they might not have even planned to have sex. The people might not be ready to have a baby and may not know the person who it was conceived with so they might want to terminate the pregnancy. Another reason why drugs and alcohol play a part in pregnancy and abortion is because of addicts. Addicts who have babies might not be able to quit doing drugs or drinking alcohol. People who are addicts can do major harm to their child if they use the substances while they are pregnant. According to, one in every twenty women use drugs while pregnant. Using drugs while pregnant can make the child have learning and behavior problems, slower growth and SIDS. The child also may develop NAS which means the baby also gets addicted to…

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