The Principle Of Middle Level Education

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A main concept or principle that exists in middle level education, more so than it used to be, is that it is all about the students. The reason that middle school was created in the first place was to be able to have this age range, develop the way they needed to. These students are very fragile, and very emotional. This concept is so important in helping students succeed. As a school system, we are structuring our planning and learning towards more

A student goes through many different developmental stages when becoming who they are. As teachers, we are supposed to be guides that help them with this process. A student can be going through emotional changes, social changes, physical changes, and so many others. I think we can all vouch
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Physical change is a interesting change because everyone is different. Some kids shoot up in 6 th grade and look like 8 th graders and then you have some 8 th graders that are as short as 6 th . You have to treat everyone the fairly though. You have to make sure everyone is getting what they need in the classroom. Lastly the emotional change. Middle school students are crazy, and all over the place. You have to be patient with them as teachers and be able to handle what they are going to throw at you. This does appeal to the attributes and characteristics of these students. They appeal to the fact that every student is different and as a teacher flexibility and understanding is important.

As a teacher, you are responsible to help your students succeed. The philosophy of middle schools is making sure your students become the person who they are going to become, get through the awkward stage, and being confident is a struggle. I do understand and agree with the topics and discussions of the AMLE foundation. There are essential attributes and characteristic that go along with this process. They are all
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There are so many people from the first bell to the last that make a school functioning each and every day. We have counselors, administrators, cafeteria ladies, janitors, librarians and so many more different types of people. Each one of these people have a specific role and duty in the school at large. As a teacher, you are a professional. Professionals work with other professionals to get a job done. The whole point of help is to use it. If one day my white board isn’t working, I need IT to come help me. You want to have a great relationship with them in which it will get done. Everybody works together in a school. A school is a community in itself. As a professional, you even need to be able to work with people who work with students outside the classroom. Coaches, home-school teachers, social workers etc.; everybody needs to be involved at all

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