Princess Marie And The Duke Of Hamilton 's The Grand Ceremony

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The city’s populace celebrated the marriage of Princess Marie to the Duke of Hamilton’s son along with the nobles from the German Confederation. The palace gates thrown open and everyone invited into the square to celebrate the grand occasion. Inside the Knight’s Hall, Karolina did not notice the noble guests were dancing at one end of the great hall and she and her friends relegated to the other end. In fact, she did not care. This was her first royal invitation and she was going to be eighteen years old soon. She fully intended to take advantage of the opportunity granted to her and enjoy the evening.
Several of the Grand Duke’s officers of his personal guard spotted Karolina in the corner of the great hall sitting next to her mother. They hurried over to her. Karolina blushed as a handsome soldier strode up to her, bowed and asked her to dance. She looked at her mother and her mother nodded “Yes”. Karolina stood up and put her arm on the offered arm of the soldier and went to the dance floor. The soldier tried as hard as he could, but he began to trip over his feet as he danced. Karolina just laughed and waited patiently for him to regain his balance and then they would continue to dance.
Karolina enjoyed dancing with the many men that would come up to her and ask her to dance. The Grand Duke’s soldiers tried to charm her and other government officials tried to impress her with their tales of the Grand Duke’s government. Her girlfriends were also being charmed and danced…

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