Pride: Why Saul Disobeys God

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Pride is one of the few words in the English language that everybody can identify with. Pride is actually a good thing to have because if a person has pride in what he does it makes him do it better. If a person is working a job and has pride in what he does, he tends to put forth his best effort and try to become the best employee he can. Pride is a thing that can cause people to feel a sense of satisfaction even if they fail. As long as they give their best, they are satisfied. But as the saying goes, “Too much of a good thing is not a good thing.” When a person has too much pride it can cause him to have a foolish sense of accomplishment. It can also make him feel that he can do things his way and that he is greater than he actually is. …show more content…
Every battle Saul fought, God was with him and aided in his victories. Saul was asked by God through Samuel to lay judgment to the Amalekites because of what they did to Israel. Saul was instructed to “Now go and completely destroy the entire Amalekite nation” (1 Samuel 15: 3). Saul goes to the Amalekites in battle, but he only destroys things that were weak and not pleasing to his eyes. The only reason why Saul disobeys God is because of his pride. He kept the good things he saw because he wanted everybody to see how mighty he was. It is exposed in the scripture that “Saul went to the town of Carmel to set up a monument to himself” (1 Samuel 15: 12). The clearest indicator of Saul’s pride was that he did not feel shame or guilt for disobeying God, but, instead, built a monument for his glory. When Saul met Samuel, he really believed that everything was fine. His pride blinded him to the point where he did not even realize he did something wrong. Saul eventually realized his fault, but it was too late because Saul rejected God, and God rejected Saul as the king of Israel. Even when Saul realized the hole he was in, he still begged Samuel to make him look good in front of his people: “Saul pleaded again, I know I have sinned. But please, at least honor me before Israel” (1 Samuel

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