Pride And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Pride is something that effect all manner of human nature. Pride is normally described as a deep satisfaction in one’s own achievements, abilities or qualities that are greatly admired. In a study done by Prisca Brosi, Matthias Spörrle, Isabell M. Welpe and Madeline E. Heilman called “Expressing Pride: Effects on Perceived Agency, Communality, and Stereotype-Based Gender Disparities” it says “Pride is closely connected to the achievement of personally or socially valued outcomes. Given the competitive nature of working organizations, achievement is a central component of organizational life, and pride has been reported to be one of the most frequently experienced positive emotions in organizations. Although pride can be experienced in response to the outcomes of close others and groups one identifies with, psychologists generally conceptualize pride as arising from achievements that can be attributed to one’s abilities or efforts, and for which the person sees him or herself as responsible. Moreover, the nonverbal display of pride, the focus of our inquiry, typically reflects self-directed pride. We therefore focus on pride resulting from individual achievements in our study of pride expression”. In the Iliad, the main protagonists are Achilles and Hector, both these men are considered to be the greatest warriors for their respected sides, Achilles for the Greeks and Hector for the Trojans. The difference between both charters is how their depiction of pride is described for…

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