Emotions In Mexican American Culture

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Mexican-American culture and European American culture have different of value, emotions, and display rules. Display rules are defined as the difference of emotions which is displayed and interpreted by various cultures (Laureate, 2007). Emotions play a lot of roles and guidance in culture, especially in these two cultures. Both cultures have different ways of showing emotion especially when it comes to pride and empathy. These emotions are considered as self-conscious emotions which have universal signals (Laureate, 2007). Universal signal implies as the basic feeling of happiness which is displayed by a smile or skipping happily. Mexican culture is driven by passion, collectivistic values, and rich traditions to honor family rather, European American culture is individualistic values, have negative interpersonal traits, and have traditions to honor their family (Savani, 2013).
The self-conscious emotion of pride in one’s success as an example of students at the college for the first time. Pride is considered an engaging interpersonal emotion rather than a disengaging emotion which plays into oneself. In a study the conducted a study in engaging emotions which “Mexicans were more
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Empathy shows compassion towards other which is an engaging interpersonal emotion. The results of the study on this emotion, “interpersonally relevant affective states have substantial effects on Mexican participants’ performance motivation: Positive interpersonally engaging emotions motivated Mexican participants to perform an independent task, whereas negative interpersonally engaging emotions undermined their motivation” (Savani, 2013). Empathy created either positive or negative motivation to solve a crossword puzzle which would determine one’s empathy is identifying the words that were given. The words define different kinds of empathy and empathy towards how other would do the crossword

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