Presidential Promises For Donald Trump

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Donald Trump, a presidential candidate for 2016, once said, “everything is negotiable.”(Donald Trump: 'Everything Is Negotiable ') Is everything negotiable, though? In most elections, it seems that presidential candidates try to not make too many promises that they have no chance of following through with. However, that is not the case for Republican candidate Donald Trump. Many of the promises made by the presidential candidate show no promise of being fulfilled, while some others do show promise of being carried out. Most of his promises that have been made are focused on immigration, taxes, foreign policy, and trade. Is it possible that Trump really can make America great again?
Trump is known for both his elaborate and outlandish speeches and outbursts. During his time on the campaign trail he has made multiple promises to America. However, it is questionable how many of those promises he will be able
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The expectations gap is what the public expects to happen versus the reality of how the government works, and what is actually capable of happening.(Waterman, Richard) The public expects great big things from their president. As the years go by, and another election passes, their expectations only grow larger, and more unreasonable. Due to their expectations not being met, the president may experience lower approval ratings, and the chances of reelection may be lowered. Trump’s promises are contributing to the expectations gap, as any candidate’s promises would. He has promised huge things, and his supporters have gotten excited over those promises. Therefore, for each promise he is unable to fulfill, his supporters will likely become more skeptical of him, and any faith that they have in him will slowly be washed away. This happens with every president. Whether you are for, or against the person in charge, everyone will end up disappointed at some point by their actions, or lack

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