President Obama Has Issued An Executive Order For The Insider Threat Program

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In 2011, President Obama has issued an executive order for the Insider Threat Program. This program prohibits executive government officials who have knowledge of national security matter from speaking to the press without prior authorization first. After Snowden 's release of leaked documents, the Insider Threat Program became more intense. Government officials are no longer allowed to speak to the press about unclassified matters, such as their own personal opinions about current events. In the past, journalists could keep their government sources secret so that they would not have to face punishment. However, that is impossible for journalists to do nowadays because of the magnitude of NSA 's programs. The NSA can quickly pinpoint journalist 's sources by simply looking at the metadata timeline of the journalist so there is no way for them to keep their sources confidential. This has lead to officials being less willing to discuss even unclassified information like they have done so in the past. The unwillingness and huge loss of sources is making it difficult for journalists to piece together stories and confirm key points that are important. Since it 's taking them much longer to finish their research, they are unable to publish as many stories as before. Journalist are beginning to feel like they are being viewed as suspects for simply doing their job. James Bamford, a journalist for The New Yorker who has been dubbed as "The NSA 's Chief Chronicler" believes "If you…

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