President Elect Trump : History Of Demise And Plan For Revival Of Democracy

1971 Words Dec 5th, 2016 8 Pages
President Elect Trump: History of Demise and Plan for Revival of Democracy
With the election of Trump as president bringing attention to the cumulative and expanding divide in the United States, people are looking for whatever sliver of hope is left in US democracy. This calls to attention the three principles of democracy: political equality, political liberty and political sovereignty. It is too cumbersome to talk about all three yet it is nearly impossible to separate these three distinct principles from each other. What I will focus on is political equality because what the nation needs now is not only hope but a strategy to work through one of the biggest step backwards for civil rights in the history of the United States. In this essay, I argue that the state of political equality has currently undermined full democracy in the United States and is seen through the cumulative actions of voter suppression in the form of voter id laws and socioeconomic inequities. I will first talk about why political equality matters in democracy and add how equity is a way to specify what exactly needs to be equalized. Then, I will discuss how the demise of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 legitimized political suppression of vulnerable populations and how it led to the low black voter turnout in North Carolina. Next I will talk about how voter suppression can act within social and economic spheres while providing statistical data from this year’s election and averages from the past.…

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