President Elect Donald Trump Is The End Of Liberal Democracy Essay

2039 Words Dec 8th, 2016 9 Pages
As of the day that I am writing this on November 30th, 2016, I don’t think having President-elect Donald Trump is the end of liberal democracy, at least not yet. I think it would take just a little bit more for liberal democracy to end than just this one man. I do think that with him being the President-elect there is the potential for liberal democracy to meet its demise. As it is known now, he can elect people to the supreme court who can hold their positions for the rest of their lives and if these people are chosen poorly, it can affect America for many years to come. His followers and supporters and the media that continually give him attention all factor into Trumpsim being the end of liberal democracy.

Looking out for the rights of the American people is something that Donald Trump claims that he wants to do in office and I do believe that that is his intention come January 20th of next year, however I think he has a very specific view of the people whose rights he is trying to protect. I think he is looking out for the people like him, being rich, powerful, white men. Maybe even a few rich and powerful women. When Donald Trump thinks of “American people” I believe he thinks about the “down on their luck” white people from middle America, which is why he heavily campaigned there. He’s going to look out for their values and their beliefs and what they want and not what the rest of the country wants. He’s going to appoint people on his team to look out for those…

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