Essay on Presentation Of The Political Science Department

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Throughout the semester I have attended two research presentation in the political science department. These two presentation were different in many ways but had an underlying similarity. I have learned lessons from each presentation and presenter separately but also combined.
Joe Ornstein presented the first workshop, which was titled “Subnational Public Opinion Estimation Using MrsP”. This presented took place on October 25 in the Eldersveld Room, 5670 Haven Hall. Joe Ornstein is a PhD candidate in the Political Science department of the University of Michigan. The seminar was to be more to be casual, with different faculty asking questions throughout the presentation instead of waiting for a formal question and answer segment at the end. Ornstein presented his research through a PowerPoint presentation. The fact that Ornstein presented his work in a PowerPoint presentation helped me understand his work better. Ornstein during his presentation stated that he had intentions of publishing his research except two scholars published a nearly identical study a few months prior. This leaves Ornstein in a very difficult position because he needs to change some aspect in his work to make sure his work stands out and is not repeating the published article. The category of political science that his research represents falls under a quantitative method category. The fact that this was a quantitative method research, I appreciated the fact that Ornstein used a PowerPoint because…

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