Presentation Of A Super Bowl Viewing Party Essay

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This fall our class collaborated with Big Brother Big Sister of the Ocean State. Their issue that they brought to Bryant is that they were in desperate need of more male Bigs to satisfy the huge number of boy Littles without a Big.
The Experience:
By no means did this project move smoothly from start to finish. During my brief time, here at Bryant University I have worked and lead in various group projects, this group was by far the most efficient and well-rounded group I have been a part of. However, we did not even come close to our potential.
With the in class, presentation from Big Brother Big Sister of the Ocean State came my first idea for a way to attract male Bigs. The idea happened to be a Super Bowl viewing party, but during the planning stages of our group work, we established that would be outside of our period for this semester. During our brainstorming stage, we decided to use our backup plan and keep it on campus and produce a kickoff event for Bryant students. Due to the contingency plan, we established during the first round of brainstorming phases we were able to change our entire project and still achieve our goal of recruiting five or more Bigs.
The group as a whole made numerous blunders along the way many of which came during our planning and organizing stages. One of the first issues I ran into is trying to schedule a weekly meeting time. Our group members are highly involved around campus in various clubs, organizations,…

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