Preparing For The Re Write Essay

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Preparing for the Re-Write, Evaluating What I Learned in Writing 101s

As an author of the book " The Rebirth of a Blackman, Rebuilding a Generation," my first published writing was not the best book on the shelf. Due to my lack of research skills, spelling errors, and grammatical challenges, I sold about 40 copies in the last 3yrs. I spoke in my book about the challenges we face as black men in America, financial struggles, abandonment issues, and the lack of higher education. You would think with the demand for stronger black role models, the book I wrote would have been a success, but due to my lack of writing and research skills I created a dud for my first published writing. My goal is to re-write "The rebirth of the Blackman, Rebuilding a Generation," using the skills I have inquired in Writing 101s. Learning to write on a college level will yield me the knowledge needed to create a successful book. In order to have a successful book I will have to focus on the my research, my grammar, and my spelling.

Getting started In writing 101s what I realized is writing a successful article, research paper, or book, is not just sitting at a table with an ink pen or a computer jotting down your thoughts, there is a preparation to writing. First I have to give myself time (at least a week) for research and note taking. Before starting a written assignment I have learned to brainstorm and write down keywords which could assist me in creating my research. The importance in…

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