Essay about Preparing For Successful Negotiations Is Preparation

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Preparing for Negotiation The key to successful negotiations is preparation. Common steps to this critical task include understanding the issue, evaluating each party’s position, setting goals, objectives and expectations and determining what type of negotiation process will be used (Thompson, J., 2009, March). These are just the most critical factors in preparation and should not be considered an all-inclusive list of items, but rather looked at as the bare minimum.
Understanding the Issue: In order to negotiate from a strong position, it’s critical to have thoroughly research the issue. This involves knowing exactly what is being negotiated. This must be viewed from all sides, so as to get a complete picture of the issue and potential arguments each side may utilize when negotiating an agreement. What approaches might the opposing party use when negotiating a resolution? Have other companies or collective bargaining units dealt with a similar issue and are there precedents that might allow for a stronger going in position or opening offer?
Evaluation: This step includes evaluation your interests and position as well as the interests and position of the opposing side. Any common interests should be noted as these offer an opportunity to build off the foundation of commonality throughout the negotiation process. In addition to identifying common interests, you should also be evaluating for the other party’s interest, specifically, what might be important to their needs.…

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