The Importance Of Negotiation In Congress

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This November marks the year of a presidential election, and the president of the United States is widely acknowledged as the most powerful person in the world. However, I posit that the Congress is the true power behind the governing body that is the United States. The president is a figurehead and the deciding signature to all legislation passed by Congress. Congress is a complex governing body, and it currently struggles to get bills passed. Yet, the people of the United States still vote for representatives with the hope that these officials will uphold the interests and goals of the larger population. Negotiation is key to the governance of the United States, and is paramount to effectuating change in Congress. Negotiation tactics …show more content…
Although the most situations require principle negotiation. It 's a toss-up on whether one side is going to actually want to compromise with the other and negotiate. Alternatively, one thing that all politicians participate in is constituent work. They might not always do it themselves, but someone in their staff could also do it. Constituent work is when people who fall within a Congress member 's district needs some sort of help from the Congress member. This work can be very general and can be done in many ways that don 't always need negotiation. Congresswoman Schakowsky says that in her work that she wants everyone to be heard and because there is so much mistrust of people in the government that she really does try to say yes to everyone (Schakowsky, 2016). When she tries to help people by contacting government programs she tends to be more forceful and use that power that she has as a member of Congress to get what she wants. This is using more of a hard negotiation technique that doesn’t follow the lines of principled negotiation (Fisher et al., 2011, p. 6). Here is a fit example of when it is appropriate to use and can’t damage relationships with others as much. Mostly this use of power is successful and she comes away with what is considered her

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