Preparing For A Vacation

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Plan and Prepare for a Vacation

Planning and preparing for a vacation may appear to be complicated, but it is actually easy if people follow the basic steps. A vacation is when people leave their normal routine to take a rest from their day to day life. Sometimes people take their vacation in the same place where they live or they travel. People should follow three steps in order to plan and prepare for a vacation.
First step is preparation for the journey, people should book their tickets deciding which classes there are travelling on, either first class or economy then they have to compare flight prices, because different airlines offer different prices for similar flights. Next they have to choose a hotel. They should consider the hotel
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The location need to be close to the super market in case if people want to buy some groceries and snacks for the journey. It also needs to be near a gas station if they are renting a car, don’t forget to check for gas prices before traveling, because it is different from one country to another. When booking a hotel make sure that the the room have a beautiful view. Also, people have to check if the hotel has free Wi-Fi, free breakfast and free parking. If people are planning to stay more than a week they should think about renting a car, because it will be less expensive especially if they are travelling with their family it will be more fun. Also taking a taxi can be time consuming and expensive. Some hotels doesn’t offer free car parking especially in Europe car parking is expensive if found. If they don’t offer car parking, people will have to park close to the hotel and may get parking tickets for violating the law. Another thing to keep in mind before people travel to a foreign country is visas. Visas take about two weeks or more to obtain. Also passports, people need to make sure that the passport is not expired which will also take a lot of time to update their passports. Another thing to keep in mind when planning and preparing for the journey is packing. People should prepare a packing checklist which includes medicine. Before people …show more content…
Outline all the exercises that you desire to do and how much you have to pay for it (Matt, 2013). People should make a wish list of all activates that they never done before and they want to do it, like skydiving, skiing and biking. If people are traveling with their children they also have to make activates for them, so everyone can enjoy the vacation. If people do not know what their children want to do they can ask them. People who do not know what they want to do they can buy a travel guide. The guide book has a list of all nearest sightseeing they can visit like historical churches and famous statues. It can help them so much it has everything inside it. For example, People should go to the museum to learn about the past of their destination if they want and also to learn more about the country's culture and traditions.

In conclusion, people must follow three stages to get ready for a holiday. People should not stress in planning their dream vacation. They should take their time and effort to plan the perfect vacation. Always be positive and don’t get frustrated. Capture some pictures and videos to look back in time and see how much one enjoyed the

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