Pregnancy Policy 's The United States Should Be Adopt Essay

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Pregnancy policy’s The United States Should be Adopt

In the United States the average first year of a child will cost the family about $12,000 (Harris). The mother of the child has twelve weeks of leave after the baby is born (Zintl). Some parents will be unable to afford their child’s first year. In this event, government based organizations will help these families. Finland has a different perspective on children, pregnancy, and family finances. The United States should adopt some of Finland’s prenatal, and after birth ideas to create less stress with new parents and babies here in the US.

The First policy seen in Finland that should be adopted by the US is the amount of leave the women gets for having the baby. Finland offer both maternal and paternal leave. Jennifer Chait (writer of an article titled Finland’s Family Benefits Prove Why it’s Ranked the Number One Place to be a Parent ) states that, ”In Finland, women are allowed to start maternity leave 50 working days at the earliest and 30 work days at the latest before the estimated date of delivery.” The women gets to decide when the leave is taken and the government pays her leave up to Four months (Chait). The country does this so the parents can focus on being parents. This is why they offer paternal leave as well as maternal. The United States offers very little maternal leave and it’s usually not paid leave. Many people in the US would say that Finland’s maternal leave is unconscionable…

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