Power Of Forgiveness In Marriage

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The contextual perspective of the power of forgiveness in marriage
Marriage is sweet and fun when there is love and happiness. This ideal case exists in heaven, unless we all live in pretense. Happy marriages experience conflict but they have mastered the power of forgiveness and to let go of all inequalities for the sake of the marriage. Forgiveness is not for your spouse but for your physical, spiritual and emotional health. Forgiveness serves two purposes in a marriage relationship
1. Identifies the source and triggers of conflict
You look at your spouse as your enemy and a stranger in your life until you forget this is one person you have shared good moments because of your extreme bitterness due to hurt feelings. The moment your spouse
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You contemplate separation to give yourselves space to recover and acknowledge one’s actions. Your personality makes a difference; people who never allow anger to take control over them seek to release the hurt feelings faster than people who hold grudges for long. Partners who always want to let go, will forgive easier; shortening the length of hurt feelings. Forgiveness clears your heart of any pain and anger giving room for love. If your partner holds a grudge, you have to play a significant role to initiate the forgiveness process especially if you are the cause of pain. Get an ample time to ask for forgiveness to allow her/him to take time to heal for …show more content…
The forgiveness activities to prove the verbal promises of forgiveness or to be forgiven create an intimate time for couples to reunite. Going for a walk, surprise gifts, little actions of love take center stage in marriage reconciliation after forgiveness. Forgiveness activities free your partner from the cage of hurt, revenge and emotional distress.
The health benefits of forgiveness include
• Reduction of stress levels which may lead to depression
• Improved health now that your mind is free from hate
• Removes negative emotions which affects your productivity
Emotional benefits

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