Power Analysis In Nursing

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This power analysis paper primary focus area is in nursing. I have chosen this area because I have been working as a bedside nurse for several years and throughout my nursing career, I have seen many policies that have been discussed and later on put into practice based on the outcome. Patient safety should and always will be the top priority in healthcare. Nursing involves such a vast arena of policies from the structuring of a foundation to the use of an equipment. These policies that are put into place are discussed in lengthy meetings from different disciplines of organization like the shared governance, who meet within individual departments with managers and staff and the Center for research, where evidence based practices are discussed …show more content…
Mrs. Mary is a like the liaison between the people and the government. She is a lobbyist who lobby with legislature to promote quality access to healthcare for the aging and disable in NC. She discusses political issues with the government sector on budget reduction that affects the well- being of these individuals. She would be beneficial in assisting me with issues relating to care provided for the elderly population. Next there is Mrs. Polly Johnson. As a leader in the Nurse Foundation, she would be beneficial in assisting me to meet my policy initiatives. Her organization does a lot of data that I may need to support the change I am proposing. She has helped to improve the health outcomes of NC residents through policies and practice that has enhanced the practice of nursing. She has worked to influence statewide healthcare policy through her services and affiliations on several healthcare boards. The next person would be Mrs. Megan Williams, as president of the NCNA, she would be a great support because as an organizational leader. She has the power to impact the development of registered nurses. This organization advocates for the profession of nurses, their patients and the citizens of NC. As a leader, she would be able to mentor me in the right direction in guiding me toward developing my policy initiative. Another person is Mrs. Angeline Bertsch, she is a board member over finances. She would be beneficial in helping with funding my initiative through media and other financial obligations. In addition, there would be Evelyn Terry, she has the political skills to get her point across, with years of experience in serving on the judicial boards. She has implemented policies within the government sector on funding places like community health centers and the introduction of bills. With her experience and expertise, she would be able

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