Positive And Strong Organizational Culture

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Companies should do everything they can to build a positive and strong organizational culture. One of the most important things about an organization is the people it employs. Having the right kind of people is essential in creating a positive environment in an organizational culture. That is why many businesses and companies will spend most of their time and money in attracting people to train and install their companies’ values. Even though they can replace their members, it hinders productivity when they have to train a new employee. By creating a positive culture that focus on its people will create employees that are job satisfied. Workers that are proud of their organizations where they feel valued will enjoy coming to work and become …show more content…
Culture is a way to control behavior by providing stability, which gives a sense of belonging within an organization. The positive culture can implement individuality, but it actually creates environment conformity using social norms. Creating a positive culture within an organization does not happen spontaneously it is deliberately cultivated and created with a mission statement in mind. Within positive culture company leaders, create social norms and a sense of shared values in an organization which can become controlling. These social norms become unwritten rules for behavior that dictate how employees should act in particular situations. Anyone going against the unwritten rules will become excludes and shunned from their group. The mission statement gives employees direction on what actions and behavior to take. Usually the statement will state how their company mission is to inspire and nurture people one person at a time. This implies that they have ethical standards that provides a base for an organization culture and how it employees should act. When companies receive a new hire they implement a training program which is role modeling. In a positive culture the training program shows how an organization works, what expectation they expect from them, and how they are expected to act. If not managed probably positive culture can go from motivating to …show more content…
Planning is very important in developing a culture because its purpose is to meet companies’ goals in an efficient manner. Mangers that are people able to recognize and implement a thorough action plan to achieve companies’ goals and increase productivity. Once a plan has been developed they need to identify and assigns the number of employees to carry out the plan. Then management chooses the most effective communication channels and monitors all actives to ensure everything is being followed as planned. All of these actions are part of the four roles of management. By incorporating the roles into an organization they can create a positive culture that nurtures and increase

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