Positive And Negative Effects Of Advertising

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Buy this, buy that! It does not matter if it is noticed or not, advertising is everywhere and anywhere. Not only is it all over the place but, it is affecting everyone it reaches. With such a wide basis there is bound to be controversy between the good and bad of this topic. The negative effects of advertising outweigh the positives because advertisements can be used as propaganda, promote false images, and influence the media they fund.
Advertising fosters free trade by allowing a platform to inform consumers and let them decide on their own which products they would like to purchase. Many forms of advertising seen today actually teach the consumer in one way or another. "It [Advertising] explains how to use products, gives us recipes, and
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Advertisements increase purchasing by presenting products that consumers “need’ and want regularly. “It has been seen overall that if a person has been exposed to a specific advertisement in the past day they are more likely to express a want for the product presented” (Cary). By presenting different products as necessary and simply showing them a lot, this can increase purchasing because consumers buy out of necessity. Advertising comes from many varying companies, which then leads to competition which promotes a healthy economy. To stay on top companies need to advertise and this inter-company competition through advertising keeps the economy growing (Advertising). In the span of one commercial break, there can be three different advertisements for the same product, but from varying companies. The economic support of advertising is only a minute part of what it …show more content…
Advertising uses its power to promote an economy full of products with little use instead of productive ones. “Advertising tells you what you need. Before advertisers told us to, who worried about dandruff?” (Day). The actual day-to-day needs and even productive wants of people do not require the aggressive advertising of other unnecessary products. While aspiring to create a “better” economy, morality is placed on the side burner in the world of advertising. “The desire and the appeal for a “healthy economy” has led many companies and governments to put aside the necessary moral responsibilities in the age of the global market” (Sesana). Without using moral values to reign in the boundaries of advertising, it allows big money to be spent in the wrong place that gives off false images. Competition in the advertising business will also polarize companies’ false images. Slowly the distortion will get larger and larger if action is not taken to stop

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