Positioning of Beverages Brands Essay

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Ques 1
Choose one of the category or the product group in the marketing industry. Choose some brands in that category and describe how each of them is positioned?
Develop a perceptual positioning map as well. Ans. Positioning is the act of designing the company’s offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the minds of the target market. A good brand positioning helps guide marketing strategy by clarifying the brand’s essence, what goals it helps the consumer achieve, and how it does so in a unique way. The result of positioning is the
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However it has involved Ria Sen, Adha Sharma and various other models in its Ad campaigns

Limca is positioned as an aerated lemon soft drink, No. 1 Sparkling drink in the cloudy lemon segment. Lime ‘n’ lemoni Limca can cast a tangy refreshing spell on anyone, anywhere. Derived from ‘Nimbu’+’Jaisa’ hence Lime sa Limca has lived up to its promise of refreshment and has ben the original thirst choice of millions of consumers for over 3 decades.

Ads Chronology From many years, Limca is consistent with its positioning of freshness. This time Limca came with another ad campaign with tagline “doobo taazgi mein”. In earlier commercials, they were using tagline, “fresh ho jao”. So now it has repositioned itself with doobo taazgi mein campaign.

Coke ( a COCA COLA product )

Tagline: ( Open happiness )

Brand ambassador: Imran Khan
As the beverages maker is looking for younger faces to connect with the youth, they have not renewed their contract with Aamir Khan and have chosen Imran Khan as their face. The young market fact is there are a lot more youngsters who indentify with Imran Khan.


Coke is positioned as a refreshing drink which brings happiness to our lives.


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