Population Demographic Demographics Of Anchorage Essay

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Population Demographics Anchorage has seen many changes when it has come to their population demographics. Some of the data is hard to understand, especially when looking at the information about race in the city. In 1950 the city was 97 percent white, while lowering to 66 percent in the most recent census (City-Data, 2015).
In 1990, the census recorded 6.4% African American, 6.4% Native American, which is up nearly 5 percent from 1970, 4.1 percent Hispanic and 4.8 percent of residents were Asian. Now for a comparison from the 2010 census. In 2010 there was a decrease in African Americans by .8 percent, which is relatively substantial. There was an increase by 1.5 percent of Native Americans making 7.9 percent of the population Native American. The biggest difference in race for the population with the exclusion of Caucasian is Hispanic and Asian. 7.6 percent of the population is Hispanic, while 8.1 percent of the population is Asian. In 2010, 8.1 percent of residents say they are two or more races (City-Data, 2015).
Regarding ethnicities of the people in Anchorage, 17.3 percent of the population is of German decent. 10.8 percent were Irish, 9.1 percent English, 6.9 percent Scandinavian and 5.6 percent were of French decent. 82.3 percent of the residents spoke English at home. The median age of the population was 32.9 years and 50.8 percent of the population was male and 49.2 percent were female (Census, 2010).
The first census done in Anchorage was in 1920 where…

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