Pollution And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

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Pollution is defined as the introduction of harmful contaminants or pollutants into the environment that cause adverse effects to different life forms. Pollutants are the foreign substances or naturally occurring contaminants, which are generally waste materials of different forms (ConserveEnergyFuture, N.p.). These pollutants cause pollution, which disturbs our ecosystem and creates imbalance in the nature which affects the lifestyle of people adversely. Pollution not only damages the environment but also destroy the life. Pollution takes the form of chemical substances or energy and therefore, occurs in various forms. Some of the major types of pollution are air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, land pollution, and light pollution (Mitra, importantindia.com).
During the last decade, the world has observed a severe rise in the environmental pollution with the increase in the world’s chemical production. Pollution has increased rapidly with modernization and development, leading to different health issues, global warming and climate change. Pollution is increasing every day and it is hard for us to ignore the causes and effects that is caused by pollution. There have been many concerns regarding the degradation of the environment caused by pollution and its effect on different life forms. Human activities and natural disaster adversely degrade our environment. The main factors that lead to pollution is the result of various human activities and in some cases…

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