Police Reflection

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This week was very exciting in terms of getting to meet new people. The people I met were not only interesting, but they broadened my knowledge about the criminal justice system. I also learned much more about the RNC and certain threats that are of high alert for the Secret Service and other agencies involved. The inputting of information for the Secret Service helped me understand all the little things that go into such a large event. I got to talk to some East Cleveland Police and the Cleveland Chief of Police once again about many different issues affecting the criminal justice system. I also got to experience many different personalities that each cop shared. Dr. Burger explained in his policing class about the many different personalities police have. This could not have been …show more content…
I had one officer who almost didn’t understand anything I was talking about, but talked like he knew about everything. I also had an officer who was the quiet one of the group but to me seemed to have an opinion that went against the culture of police. I asked a question regarding race in prison and why is it that African Americans seem to hold a high percentage of the population within prison. Two cops responded with the general statement of they commit more crimes then any other race so in which they are punished at a higher rate. The other police officer talked to me in my office as he was leaving. He was explaining to me the theories of poor socioeconomics and how African Americans are victims of unjust prosecution. I understand this is a sensitive subject but I wanted to get the viewpoint of the individuals who are actively patrolling our streets. I later talked to the President of Tenable and was

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