Police Brutality Rising Issue

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It is no secret to America that police brutality has been a rising issue in the current news. Police brutality really “came to light” when Michael Brown, 18, was shot and killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Many issues following Ferguson have raised questions about the morals and ethics of police departments all over the nation. It has brought up issues of brutality, race, and profiling. Close to home, the Los Angeles Police Department has been under fire for issues closely related to the ones listed above. The LAPD does not have a spectacular reputation, which has caused them to be the topic of conversation quite often in national news. This essay will discuss some of the issues that have been occurring recently in the …show more content…
After the murders of Christopher Dorner, the former LAPD officer that killed four people and critically injured three, the county of Los Angeles feared “the return of an ugly LAPD from another age” (After Dorner: How the LAPD Has Covered Up Its Bad Behavior, www.thenation.com). Chief of Police, Charlie Beck, has been working hard to rid the LAPD of corruption and racism, increasing transparency, and admitting when his police force makes a mistake. The LAPD has been under fire during many different incidents, including the incident of Michelle Jordan, who was beaten during a traffic stop for using a cell phone. This incident “drew intense media coverage and attracted heightened scrutiny of the police department from an already skeptical public eye” (After Dorner: How the LAPD Has Covered Up Its Bad Behavior, www.thenation.com). For the LAPD, things did not get easier. These incidences started to show up in the media almost every day, including prior cases including flaws within their department. The public complained about their “transparency” and that they have been hiding details about several incidents including LAPD officer brutality. “The LAPD may have a softer, more trustworthy face, but it still grapples with longstanding issues of racism, paranoia and egotism that have resulted in countless instances of brutality” (After Dorner: How the LAPD Has Covered Up Its Bad Behavior,

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