Police Misconduct Is Not A New Idea Essay

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On Police Misconduct
Abuse of authority is not a new idea. Existing since literally the dawn of civilization, it is easily recognized as human nature. Regardless, there has never been, and will never be, an excuse for combining power and malice. Police misconduct has been brought to the public’s attention with the relatively recent rise in availability of video recording. This analysis of police misconduct will examine cause, effect, and prevention.
Causes of police misconduct aren’t regarded as mysterious and individuals are sure to have their own opinion. Focusing on reasoning with significant evidential backing, racism, retribution and “power tripping” will be examined.
Racism is becoming, not more prevalent, but more noticed in America’s population. With the adoption of the internet came the much easier spread of information. And when you can easily exchange evidence of atrocities with the world, it becomes infinitely more difficult for those actors of hate to continue. This is, thankfully, a recurring theme in today’s world.
According the United States Bureau of Justice Statistics, drivers of African-American ethnicity are definitively more likely to be pulled over and ticketed than white or Hispanic drivers (“Bureau of Justice Statistics”). The same study also reveals that while eighty-four percent of white drivers believed they were legitimately stopped, only seventy-four percent of Hispanics and sixty-seven percent of blacks held a similar opinion (“Bureau of Justice…

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