Police Corruption And The Criminal Justice System Essay

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What Is Police Corruption? Police corruption is considered by many a form of police officer misconduct. Police corruption is where law enforcement officers break the social contract and abuse their power for personal gain. Police Corruption may involve profit or another type of material benefit that is gained illegally as a result of the officer’s authority. Some of the more typical forms of corruption involve: bribery, extortion, receiving stolen goods, selective enforcement, and sometimes selling drugs. Law enforcement officers will have a magnitude of opportunities to gain personally from their status and authority of being an officer of the law. Corruption is a nationwide problem and has been a problem since the beginning of law enforcement officers (Bayley, D., 2011). Police corruption takes on many forms and we are going to discuss the different types below.
Police Corruption Impact on the Criminal Justice System Police corruption affects the following: society, including but not limited to: political, economic, and sociological. The way corruption affects the social aspect, is by one corrupt officer in a department that generates an overall distrust of the whole police department (aka Rotten Apple Theory). This social aspect then portrays a negative outlook on the police force of the community because citizens then develop the mentality of us versus them, about law enforcement officers. The political effect that corruption involves is that of civilian…

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