Argumentative Essay On Body Cameras

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Cops the American symbol of justice since the early 1900s. They guard us from ourselves and others keeping peace throughout the nation. They have been trained to do a job no one else can and yet they are receiving a lot of negative media attention lately in the news and other media forms. this is due to selective coverage of a few bad cops being filmed from cellphones this gives rise to speculation about how many like them are there how many are good cops. This is dangerous to these law officers working hard night and day to keep people safe from harm. The men and women as good as they are at what they do also need some form of protection for their creditability and that could come in many ways but the most probable being the body camera. A …show more content…
This will also be in favor wholesome officers over the corrupt when it comes to their spot in the public eye. “Around 1 to 2 percent of every police force. The problem is this tiny faction often sets the tone.” (Bouza 113). The quote comes from a former police chief if anyone person would know what affects their image to the public it would be the man or woman in charge of the department. The body cameras will make misconduct much more difficult to get away with by far leading to a more positive view of the sworn officers of the law. But the opposing side would be that officers no longer are our most trusted guardians but someone we must watch out for this could be an argument only for an officer however thin. While the more important argument is who should control the footage recorded. “Police departments across the country have increasingly used body cameras to record interactions with the public. Some politicians and activists have seized on the cameras as way to restore transparency to policing. Some police departments, however, are blocking access to the footage the cameras record.” (Murphy, Police body cameras: A struggle over who controls the footage) Actions like blocking footage and turning off cameras are actions that do not help the case of the officers in question making for a stronger case in

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