Corruption In Policing In New York Police

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Corruption in Policing

Ever since the first settlers that stepped foot on American soil there has always been a divide between the people who are supposed to serve, protect , and enforce the laws and the people who are to follow these laws. When entrusting officials with such power, many may wonder why some go down a path of lies, deception, and corruption? What makes one become a dirty cop? While others do not go down the path of corruption, but instead they choose to stay on the path of a person with honorable character.
New York City is one place where the police department has its roots in history for being labelled as corrupted. The police being hired as Tammany Halls Security Guards were carrying out the duties of collecting payments,
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Cops have been giving and taking bribes so drug lords do not go to jail. (Elliston, 1985) Some corrupt officers may also will keep the drugs and sell them for their own profit or pocket the money found at the scene which is a most common corruption activity among narcotics officers. In the Narcotics Division of the New York Police, department it was no secret that the unit was dirty from the supervisors down to the beat cops. In 1968, an investigation was conducted due to allegations of some irregularities with procedures led to almost the whole staff being transferred and replaced (Sherman, 1974). In the 1980s with cities like Philadelphia’s corruption in the police department coming to light, with “a hierarchical and lucrative system of payoffs from pimps, video gambling machine purveyors, and numbers operators cut through several layers of the police force, extending as far as the second-in-command of the entire city” (Dombrink, 1988, p. …show more content…
This would include greater focus on each applicant’s integrity recruitment phase (background checks, integrity tests, and polygraph tests) as well as providing more anti-corruption and ethics training at the academy (White, 2014).
Police corruptions is not just a problem in America’s police system it is a world wide problem. Police department are trying to find ways to prevent it and to stop it. There seems that there is no easy fix, but with the exception of a few bad apples the majority of police officers is honest and does the right thing. Over in Europe their experience differs than in America. In many parts in Europe organized graft is not an issue because of the politics, culture is different.
Police Corruption in the last two decades of the twentieth century exposed cases of drug related corruption in a lot of major Cities in America (Steinberg, 2007). The scandals that came out just as the nation began on a high publicized campaign to strengthen drug enforcement and the ongoing "war on drugs," an irony that generated both public outrage and appeals to stem the corrosive influence of drugs on street-level policing (Dombrink,

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