Police Brutality

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Why are police officers being looked upon as victims?
“ Handcuffed teenagers beaten bloody with guns. Unarmed people shot and killed in their cars. Cops firing guns carelessly into busy streets. Mentally ill people tasered in ambulances”(Rosenfeld). What are these you may ask? Well, these are examples of a reoccurring situation that has drastically changed the lives of numerous: Police Brutality. Police brutality is the deliberate use of excessive force, usually physical, carried out during law enforcement activities with the population. Police brutality is not a new occurring situation. This situation could be traced as far back as during the timing of segregation. Police brutality has not only been used in interrogations, but also during
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In response to that question there are sundry reasons as to why a police officer would feel the need to be brutal. One major reason for police brutality is the location. For instance, if a police officer is placed in a city with a continuous line of violence, this police officer is prone to being more alert and ready to handle violence. In 15 Reasons America’s Police Are So Brutal by Steven Rosenfeld, Rosenfeld vocalized “ They were from Ohio, where the U.S. Department of Justice just finished an investigation and report on abusive and often unconstitutional policing by Cleveland Division of Police”(1). Rosenfeld later asserted “ They were complied before November 22, when a rookie officer shot and killed a 12-year old African American boy, Tamir Rice, for waving a toy gun around a playground”(1). In stating this specific quote and including the location Rosenfeld is emphasizing that the location in which the situation occurred caused the “rookie officer” to be on high alert. This not only resulted in a death, for it also conveyed an act of police brutality. Location is a major key to reasoning as to why police officials typically become brutal. The more violent the neighborhood may be, the higher in percentages brutality may …show more content…
Police brutality can have an impact on the victim(s) family, community and the society as a whole. For example, when Freddie Gray was killed, by the police officers and their career, but also resulted in the death of young black and his family. This even went further as to have an impact on his community. Gray’s community created an uproar for the situation that happened to him. In the sense that they were getting the justice Freddie always deserved. Police brutality has an impact on how society looks upon those who are here to protect us in a negative way. It also brings upon death or severe injuries. In addition, it leads to marches, riots and the determination to receive

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