Police Brutality : The Dangerous People Essay

1752 Words May 16th, 2015 8 Pages
Police are the beginning to be the most dangerous people on the streets because of all the shooting they do to young and old innocent people, false arrests, and beatings they do to young and old innocent. There are good people out there trying to stop this but it’s hard because you don’t know what cop is good out there and which one is bad. Police brutality is affecting how people think, like when people say they serve and protecting, who are they really protecting? Cops are supposed to protect us from the bad in the world and direct us to a good path but there shooting the innocent people instead of catching the bad guys and putting them where they belong. There are people who are trying to get justice for the families who experienced death because no one should go through that kind of the pain. Police brutality leaves a lot of victims who died because of this crime, a lot of high dangerous statistics, and negatively affects people, but there are many ways to stop it. While the people are going on with their daily lives and proceeding with their tasks for the day these three victims, Amadou Diallo, Eric garner, and finally Kathryn Johnson couldn’t go onto their daily lives because the cops wanted to ruin their day by killing them. The victims of this horrible crime called police brutality go through the most pain and experience more hardships in life. Eric Garner was the first to experience this; he died because police wanted to bother him. He was selling someone a…

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