Essay on Police Brutality Is A Sensitive And Controversial Topic

1995 Words Dec 14th, 2016 8 Pages
Police brutality is a very sensitive and controversial topic of discussion in the United States. Police brutality occurs when an officer uses excessive or unnecessary force when dealing with other people. Police have been under a microscope recently to make sure that their actions are necessary and appropriate for the situation that they are in due to the fact that there has been widespread media coverage of police brutality. This media coverage has allowed people to examine how police officers go about their business and determine whether or not they think that the police officer’s actions are just. Police brutality has been the cause for protest and the formation of movements such as “Black Lives Matter”. It is not the first time that there has been protest due to police brutality although it seems that there are more protests taking place now than ever. However, is police brutality occurring more in this decade than in decades before? This essay will argue that the seemingly large numbers of media reports of police violence recently is misleading because actual data on police use of force has actually been declining in the past several decades. In order to see how police brutality has changed over past decades, it is essential to see how the police, as a force, has changed. London had the first modern police force which came into place in 1829. London took a looser approach when it came to policing rather than have total authority. Boston was the first city to implement…

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