Persuasive Essay On Police Brutality

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Police brutality in the United States has become an issue that has gained the public 's attention in countries across the globe. Police brutality has been defined as the use of any force exceeding what is reasonably necessary to accomplish a lawful purpose. Police officers are entrusted with the protection of their community, although recently they have abused their power as a way to brutally assault often innocent civilians and get away with it. As of April 27th 2015 police throughout the united states have already killed 380 people, with statistics showing that the number of African Americans killed by police in the US is 1 person every 8 hours. Many of these murders were unjust and without reason.Two thirds of all police brutality victims are African …show more content…
Should not be used on a day to day basis as many of the “criminals” encountered by police are unjustified arrests and targeted towards African Americans and homeless people. Police should be able to rely on their basic training to back them up when dealing with difficult criminals. Although guns are supposedly only to be drawn when police officers feel as though their lives are in danger, they have other protective gear to keep them alive whereas their victims don’t. If weapons are needed to be drawn and fired, police officers should be taught to aim in places that will not cause permanent damage to the victim, or even death. It has been the increased ignorance of the US law enforcement which has led to the cold blooded killings of so many innocent civilians and criminals with minor offences. The number of African Americans murdered by police in 2014 outnumbers the amount of people killed during 911, although the US government has yet to declare a war on this

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