Police Brutality Article Analysis

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We have seen many cases, especially on social media, about police officers taking advantage of their roll in law enforcement. The article, “Why outrage over police brutality isn 't enough,” discussed recent events that have occurred and what we need to do to work against those issues. The kind of words that the author used in the article were strong words expressing the disapproval against police brutality such as outrageous incidence or violence. The tone of this article was one of a strong persuasion on how to react against police brutality. Anger and sadness are feels that I found in the article. Anger against the police that don’t act appropriately and sadness for African-American and Hispanic brutality incidences.

The author did omit
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I believe what she is saying only because police brutality against minorities is something that is well known. Also, I have seen some of the videos that the author referred to. The author could have included links to the videos she was referring too but there is no evidence to what she is …show more content…
She does in a way admit that there are good officers that do their duty and do not abuse the power but she doesn’t focus on them as much as the bad officers. In this article she expresses the concern she has on the impact these abusive officers have on people but doesn’t really explore other reasons, besides thinking they won’t get caught, behind the officers’ actions. I know that she is bias by the way she uses words and phrases such as outrage and angrily. The author has a combination of objective and fact base message in the article. I can tell because the details in the article are mostly opinion and we don’t have a clear reference to view what the author is referring to. However, we can look up cases that she has stated and that would be the facts that can influence our decision about this article. The mediums of the presentation does affect the quality and credibility of this author. The website I used appears to be a well gathered site and the skill of writing techniques of the author are good which leads me to have a good first impression. Also, there is a photo of the author in the beginning of the article which allows me to picture the person as if they were reading the article to me. In conclusion, the discussion about police brutality can be a continuous conversation. It’s hard to distinguish between a bad cop and a good cop now a days but hopefully with intervention

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