Essay on Police Brutality And The Police Officer At Liberty Park

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Police officers killed at least 37% of unarmed african americans in 2015, more than any other nationality, despite african americans being only 13% of the United States population. Only nine of the 102 cases concerning with police brutality resulted in officers being charged with crime. Police Officers should go to jail for their crime for their actions such as brutal abuse, murder and/or racial profiling. Police brutality is a serious cause in the United States that most of the community is against,In November 15th,2011 a 54 year old women got struck in the face by a police officer at Liberty Park. This resulted in the NYPD illegally occupying Union Square and Liberty Park because of a protest where they later on hit the 54 year old women. During the protest the NYPD retired chief of police came to the press and the citizens to explain police brutality and how he felt about the 54 year old woman getting struck on the face. In December 31st, 2015, a 23 year old African American Keith Childness was in Nevada when a police officer fatally shot unarmed Keith, while he was standing on a neighborhood driveway. After this shooting which was very recent, the police officer, that shot him has not been arrested. This is important because police officers seem to get away with a lot of violence that they do just because they 're “peacekeepers”.
Police officers should explain their actions of the crime/terror they caused in the community, for what is the reason? Do they do it for a…

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