Police Brutality And Governmental Control Essay

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Garey 1

Stanford Garey
State & Local Government 2212
Professor Durham
Term Paper Throughout the history of the United States including all the way back to the American colonies the country has always been full of turmoil and protests. It seems as if the citizens of the country have always had a problem with overbearing authority; whether it come’s to government taxes, laws, and police tactics. Sometimes when the citizens of this nation exercise their 1st
Amendment right with freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, or freedom of association they are occasionally as seen through the history of this nation met with over extensive governmental police regulation and force. Granted that’s if they are exercising their 1st amendment right’s peacefully. Anyone that would deny this claim is either completely foolish or naive and doesn’t know U.S. history of police brutality and governmental control or they’re completely a Statist.
First notable protest that ended badly that U.S. scholars would point out is the Boston Massacre in 1770, where American colonists in the city of Boston were gathering around a group of British soldiers. The colonists were protesting the unfavorable Parliamentary rule and law over the colonies and subjecting themselves to harass and throw small objects such as rocks and snowballs at the soldiers, which eventually turned to bloodshed. This was one of the many events that occurred that created a snowball effect into what is…

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