Baptism Church Our Lord: Winner Chapel International

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Sunday is a very pleasure day and a blessing day because I got an opportunity to praise the God and to visit the church. God give people six days and only Sunday God want people to take time to praise the lord in this blessing day. A church is the very special and peaceful place for Christian. People go there to learn the wisdom of God, to pray and to get the blessing. It is mandatory and very important for Christian to go to church and pray to closer their life with God. A good Christianity will never avoid church; will never forget to read bible and will never forget to pray. They always count the blessing of God and they share their testimony with other followers in church and sharing the power God in the church.
In my 200A religious class, we have special take home assignment and it requires to visit one of Islamic or Christianity or Judaism worshiping site in Victoria. I choose to visit Christianity church and I have been to two different churches in Victoria and I also did some research to support my paper. One is “Church of Our Lord” which is a member if Anglican Church in North America and the other one is Winner Chapel International which is a Baptism church. Both of the churches are located in downtown Victoria.
I went to Church
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They still hangover each other in the church and have a long conversation. The pastor and the leader in the church make sure that everyone feel comfortable so they talk to everyone. I have a long conversation with the lead minister and asking him about “why is it important in people’s lives?” and he said, it change people lives through Jesus, worshiping and sharing testimony. People go to church and learn about the faith so over time it change their mind and they convert to be Christians. Furthermore, the lead minister mention that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Jesus never change. Then, he gave me a bible and daily verse to read to closer myself to the

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