Playing Basketball At A Very Competitive Level Essays

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All of over the country, there are many young boys who play basketball at a very competitive level. When asked, most of them would say that they want to be a professional basketball player when they get older and play in the National Basketball Association known as the NBA. Some of these players, who tend to have very special talents playing basketball, actually are gifted enough to play professionally right out of high school. Their goal is to get to NBA as quickly as possible, but they have to play at least one year at the collegiate level. Many different things can happen within this year. It can either help or hurt their draft stock, can face an injury playing at the collegiate level, and many kids rely on going to the NBA to take care of their families. With that being said, the one and done rule should be eliminated and they should let they amateurs go play professional basketball right after High School. According to the University of Kentucky’s Mens Basketball coach John Caliper, he gave his insight on the one and done rule. He stated that, “I 've made it work for the teams I coach and for the players as best I can. But I don 't like it one bit. Some people say I 'm renting players or I 'm working the system. Let me make this very clear: I want to coach players for four years. Very few of the young players are truly ready for the rigors of the NBA. All but a handful would benefit from more time playing college basketball, more class time and more time on a college…

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