Piracy Analysis : How Piracy Has / Will Influenced Advertising

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Alex Marshall
Media Literacy
Andrew Smith
Piracy Research Paper: How Piracy Has/Will Influenced Advertising When it comes to piracy, most people assume its effect-both positive and negative-is limited to the stealing music, films, and television shows. Although, this is correct and countless of research proves this, it goes much deeper. Piracy also influences the advertising field. The people’s whose jobs are to sell a certain product to the public often can find their ads not only stolen, but on fraudulent sites, without even being aware their advertisement is on a fraudulent or piracy ridden site. But, there’s also a positive side to piracy influencing advertising that sometimes helps the products sales in the long run.
As previously stated, the average citizen may not initially think that advertising has been influenced by piracy, but behind the scenes, advertising is just as affected by piracy than all other media platforms. According to a report from the Digital Citizens Alliance, $200 million in advertising is spent each year on websites that rely on pirated content--like copied news articles or e-commerce sites that sell counterfeit goods--to trick ad networks into thinking they are legitimate properties on which to run ads (Johnson, GroupM Singles Out Piracy Websites …). These fraudulent sites rip off advertisers in two ways: selling ads which are copied content, or they set up “botnets” which infect computers with viruses- this helps generate a huge…

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